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Solarsanchaar working hand in hand with global organizations in the effort of providing solar solutions to all people in need, ultimately transforming darkness into light in all remote communities that are still without power. Our goal is to bring light, a brighter future, and the benefits of a modern interconnected world to everyone everywhere.


Solar Solutions


Solar Street Light System


Solar Rooftops for Residential Purpose


Off-grid / On-grid Solar Power Plant


Solar Powered DC Water Pumps


Solar Power Fencing


Solar Power Cold Storage Room


Solar Security Camera

The cheapest source of electricity!

The trend to distributed generation will continue.

Just like cell phones made wired infrastructure obsolete and opened communication to everyone everywhere, solar will allow people to bypass the grid and make energy available to everyone everywhere. This has far-reaching social and economic consequences. Energy is a basic necessity for economic development (job creation), education (remote learning), health care (refrigeration for vaccines), and general quality of life (light, heat, communication and entertainment).

Over one billion people in the world today do not have access to electricity, and solar is the only energy source able to change that.  Solar has the potential to open the doors of learning and increased productivity, enabling people to transform their lives. Through empowering people to solve their own issues, solar will end up being a major contributor to the elimination of poverty

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Welcome to Solarsanchaar

Solarsanchaar was incorporated with the aim to improve millions of lives with clean energy solutions. Marching ahead with the mission to introduce Solar into each and every household, Solarsanchaar is committed to make India Go Green

Our Services

  • Solar Solutions
  • Solar Street Light System
  • Solar Rooftops for Residential Purpose
  • Off-grid / On-grid Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Powered DC Water Pumps
  • Solar Power Fencing
  • Solar Energy for Cold Stores
  • Solar Security Camera